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People come to therapy with a wide variety of needs. You may be looking for help modifying a long-standing pattern of self-defeating behavior; or perhaps you are looking for ways to cope more effectively with feelings of unworthiness or anxiety or depression; or you may wish to live more authentically, or find the courage to claim some aspect of your being that feels forbidden. These are some of the goals that bring people to therapy, and there are many others.

After 30 years as a psychotherapist, I know that it is impossible to say at this point what your therapy will be like, since it will unfold differently depending on who you are as an individual, what your needs are, and what your life experience has been. The foundation of my approach is careful, thoughtful, respectful listening in an effort to fully understand your experience and your needs. Beyond that, I have a wide variety of "tools" at my disposal to help you achieve your therapeutic goals. However our work together proceeds, I am committed to helping you discover and speak the truth of your experience, including those parts of you that may have been left unrecognized, unspoken, and unlived.

Whatever your goals for therapy are, I look forward to helping you achieve them.

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